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Youth Managers Foundation NPC (YMF) is a non-profit youth development organization founded on 29 July 2008 with a vision and objective of developing the leadership skills of young people in order for them to become agents of positive changes in their areas of influence. Youth Managers commenced its operations with a clear and well-defined vision of developing the youth in South Africa with its primary target being those who are at basic education level.

Its vision was premised on contributing to the development of young leaders with its programs tailored towards capacitating young leaders with leadership skills to positively contribute to their spheres of influence (i.e. at their schools and in their communities) and to positively influence their followers. The vision emanated from various engagements with high school teachers who expressed concerns with lack of energy, drive, resilience, focus, and responsibility amongst learners that in turn threatens our education system and further, the growth of the South African economy.

Youth Managers, founded by young professionals who are progressing and developing in their respective career paths, deemed it fit to incorporate this organization as a vehicle of youth development and a driver of the much needed change in some of the schools.
Whilst acknowledging the efforts and strides made by the State in improving quality of lives amongst South Africans, it is incumbent upon all of us as patriotic citizens of South Africa to contribute to the development of young people and young leaders.

This can start with basic mentorship to those closer to us to enable them to start viewing those ahead of them as role models that they can aspire to become. In turn, we may begin to reach a turning point with youth starting to become more responsible, accountable, show interest in their education and the future of this beautiful country.  


85 Empire Rd, Parktown, Johannesburg,