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Youth Mangers Foundation
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Developing young change-driven leaders from high school level, who undertake a responsibility of addressing social ills threatening to cripple their schools and personal lives.  

Career Guidance

Assisting young people with effective career guidance support and mentorship to shape their career decisions and further assist with applications for higher learning institutions.  


Developing skills, values and qualities which we believe are critical in unleashing the potential of young people (servant leadership, self-confidence, self-belief, self-esteem).  

The children of any nation are its future, A country, a movement, a person that does not value its youth and children does not deserve its future
Oliver Tambo

Get to know us

Youth Managers Foundation NPC (YMF) is a non-profit youth development organization founded on 29 July 2008 with a vision and objective of developing the leadership skills of young people in order for them to become agents of positive changes in their areas of influence.
Youth Managers commenced its operations with a clear and well-defined vision of developing the youth in South Africa with its primary target being those who are at basic education level.
Its vision was premised on contributing to the development of young leaders with its programs tailored towards capacitating young leaders with leadership skills to positively contribute to their spheres of influence (i.e. at their schools and in their communities) and to positively influence their followers.

YMF Activities


YMF Activities: Quarterly Leadership Seminars 

To educate young leaders about leadership principles with the aim of assisting leaders overcome leadership challenges.
To monitor and evaluate the strategy implemented by young leaders to address social ills.
To continuously provide career guidance and mentorship which is primarily achieved through the involvement of YMF professionals


YMF Activities: Annual Career and Mentorship Day  

To educate young leaders about future career opportunities.
To give young leaders a platform to receive group and one-on-one mentorship from professionals across a wide spectrum of professionals disciplines.
To give direction, inspiration and guidance to young leaders.
To assist matrics with admission and funding applications at various higher learning institutions 


YMF Activities: Youth Leadership Summit 

To give young leaders a platform to engage on various initiatives with young leaders from other YMF partner schools with the objective of enhancing their initiatives.
To allow young leaders to discuss leadership matters with industry leaders and draw leadership lessons from such conversations.
To provide feedback to YMF stakeholders in respect of the YMF programme and initiatives implemented by young leaders to address social ills.


YMF Activities: Servant Leadership Awards 

Youth Managers Foundation rewards and encourages young leaders and other stakeholders to continue serving and to implement school initiatives. 

The following awards are presented:
Best School based on initiatives implemented to address social ills. 
Best mentor based on the support provided to the school.
Best supporting teacher. 
Best supporting professional. 

YMF Partner Schools

1. Alexandra High School
2. Realogile High School
3. Boitumelong Secondary School
4. Ingqayizivele Secondary School
5. Phumula Gardens Secondary School
6. Leondale High School
7. Buhle Park High School
8. Emshukantambo Secondary School
9. Progress Comprehensive High School
10. Eldorado Park Secondary School
11. Lancea Vale High School
12. Missouri High School
13. Mncube High School
14. Morris Isaacson High School
15. P.J Simelane Secondary School
16. Prudens Secondary School
17. Kwena Molapo Comprehensive Farm School

1. KwaNxusa High School
2. Gawozi Secondary School
3. Sunnydale Secondary School
4. Velabahleke High School
5. Sithokozile Secondary School
6. Zwelibanzi High School
7. Nkandla High School
8. Vryheid Comprehensive School
9. Inkosi Mgwazeni High School
10. Temple Valley Secondary School
11. Copesville Secondary School
12. Inhlakanipo High School

1. Osizweni Secondary School
2. Thomas Nhlabathi Secondary School
3. Vukubone Secondary School
4. Qedela Secondary School

1. Bainsvlei Combined School
2. Dr Blok Secondary School
3. Petunia Secondary School
4. Ikaelelo Secondary School

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Upon completion of matric, YMF High School leaders become “YMF Alumni” with its tailored leadership programme

The Programme involves the "following"

  • Alumni Career and Mentorship Day  - YMF Alumni are provided with one-on-one mentorship and career guidance from professionals in their area of study
  • Shadowing of YMF Alumni  - YMF Alumni act as “Shadow Mentors” at YMF partner schools and introduce YMF to new learners joining the partner schools and to sign up those who wish to participate.
  • Annual Workshops and Team Building Activiti - YMF Alumni are provided with workshops to ensure they are in sync with the YMF Strategy and contribute to the shaping of the programme. They are presented with the organisations policies and procedures. YMF Alumni also participates Entrepreneurial workshop (Enactus) and team building activities to develop the team and their ability to work together effectively 

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